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Författare Ämne: How to get mod-skins to work in dod:source  (läst 3118 gånger)


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How to get mod-skins to work in dod:source
« Svar #1 skrivet: 2007 oktober 22, 17:02:36 »
Its quite tricky to get the skins to work in sourcemod, but I hope this HowTo will help.

Im building this on these modules

Model Menu
SkinModels - you have to register to download our pack.
The download script - you have to compile if your not using our models, but I will tell how.

All the above is available in small and ready files under links/SourceMod in the menu above if you are a member of this board. (The SourceMod pack isnt up-to-date - download from sourcemod.net)

Its even ready if your downloading SourceMod-svX.rar.
Then you only have to download maniadminmodels.rar and edit metaplugins.ini + admins_simple.ini

1. First of all, get your gameserver running and get MetaMod running, we cant make the rest work if these dont. - Svensk installations hjälp under links.


2. Install SourceMod - You can do this in 2 ways, download from our Links or download a UpToDate version from SourceMod

 - Download, unzip and copy to your server so you only got one addons folder and one cfg folder.

3. To get SourceMod running - Open /dod/addons/metamod/metaplugins.ini with notepad or wordpad, dont use word !

  - Add this line-  addons/sourcemod/bin/sourcemod_mm  - and save. - now should sourcemod work, but you have to add admins - and restart the server.

  - Do that in \addons\sourcemod\configs\admins_simple.ini

4. Get the models in place, copy from our Links or use your own models, but make shure all files exists on your game-server, or it wont work. - and read the readme.txt.

5. Now we need the plugin - Updated okt.08 Models_Menu - or if you have downloaded our "SourceMod-svX.rar" package- its already in their, unzip and copy to addons\sourcemod\

alternative download pluginSM File/Folder Downloader and Precatcher
6. If you have been using your own models, then you have to make a script, compile it and then install it.

 a. Copy this below and paste it in notepad or wordpad for ex.

#include <sdktools>
#pragma semicolon 1
#define PLUGIN_VERSION "1.0"
// Plugin definitions
public Plugin:myinfo =
name = "downloads",
author = "spelworm",
description = "download files",
url = "htpp://www.sourcemod.net"

public OnMapStart()

 b. Add all files that is needed to be downloaded, check so no mistakes is made.
 c. Save the document so you have a backup.

 d. Copy the text in your document and paste it in this sites window.

 e. in the namebox, type download for ex. so you know what file is yours.
 f. Click on the Compile button.

 g. Now (if no errors occurs) you will get a link their you can download your own plugin, do so.
 h. transfer this download.smx to \addons\sourcemod\plugins\ and restart your server.

Now it should be running with autodownload of your models.
Test by removing the files you have in your game-computers \day of defeat source\dod\models\player\custom\admin_xxxxxx\
If it works they should be re-downloaded then you connect.

If you are using a seperate server (url) for all mod-maps, then you have to upload these files as well, the "tree" should look the same as in your server \dod\models\player\custom\admin_allies and so on ..

Good Luck !
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