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Författare Ämne: Stor DoW uppdatering släppt 4/3 2017  (läst 2059 gånger)


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Stor DoW uppdatering släppt 4/3 2017
« Svar #1 skrivet: 2017 mars 04, 08:03:28 »
En stor uppdatering som har ny spelmotor, ny bana och nya ljud bl.a.

Citat från: DRIVEN ARTS

Hey Everyone,

There are a few big changes in today's update that we wanted to highlight.

We are adding our new map, dow_foy, into the rotation. The map isn't finished yet so still contains some placeholder assets and lacks final detail. Foy is an attack and defend detonation style map that was designed to accommodate larger battles.

We look forward to getting your reactions and input on the map/style, and suggestions for improvements.

We will be providing an update on the map editor rollout soon and be releasing more details/previews in the coming weeks for our next map, dow_italy.

We've finished the rewrite of our weapon code, which has allowed us to make some long awaited fixes like the ability to cancel reloads and ADS animations, add a jump fire penalty, and fire while transitioning to crouch and prone. It has also fixed a bunch of legacy bugs and hitches in the gun system many of you have reported.

Overall this system is much more reliable and will be easier for us to modify and maintain going forward. We have taken the opportunity to make some changes in the weapon balance, namely in recoil and weapon spread (not damage). These include gun specific changes, and sweeping changes to how things like how iron sights handle. Overall, the gunplay should feel more fluid and responsive.

The weapon system is the first half of our planned gameplay mechanic updates, with the other half being animations and movement. The movement systems are nearly complete and will be entering internal testing soon.

Our sound designer has reworked every gun's 1p firing sounds and added some small foley like shell casing drop sounds. The new sounds are a lot beefier and make the guns feel like they have more consequence to them. The next sound update will focus on updating all the 3p sounds to match and improving spacialization.

We have moved the entire project to Unreal 4.15   [www.unrealengine.com] because we were very excited to test the new under the hood optimizations as soon as we could. Updating engine versions often requires some significant work on our end but always comes with some unexpected improvements.

Lastly we made some updates to how servers are displayed in the browser that should solve some of the issues with servers displaying.

Please find the complete changelog below:

•   Added initial version of Foy to rotation
•   Added new route to German 2nd flag in Kaysersberg
•   Visibility tweaks for Kaysersberg
•   Fixes to prevent boats from going off course on Omaha
•   Patched up player reported exploits in all maps

•   Implemented new weapon system to increase fluidity and reliability (rewrite of all underlying code that drives firing, reloading, switching, targeting, grenades, ammo, etc.)
•   Decreased weapon recoil for all weapons
•   Reduced recoil when crouching and prone
•   Reduced CoF on Assault class
•   Reduced randomness in Support recoil
•   You can now fire while going prone and moving while prone
•   Added jump accuracy penalty

•   New 1p firing sounds for all guns
•   New bullet casing foley
•   Added German VO for objectives

•   Fixed positioning of muzzle flashes and casing ejections
•   Changed default server return values

•   Updated engine to UE4.15