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Författare Ämne: TF2 uppdatering 25/7 -14  (läst 1173 gånger)


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TF2 uppdatering 25/7 -14
« Svar #1 skrivet: 2014 juli 25, 10:22:25 »

Vi har uppdaterat servrarna med den nya updaten som kom inatt.



- Fixed a case where move speeds could be exploited using player view angles
- Fixed an exploit related to Bonk! Atomic Punch and Crit-a-Cola
- Fixed cosmetic items not using the correct team skins when attached to ragdolls
- Fixed a bug related to cancelling the Eureka Effect taunt and teleporting immediately
- Fixed baseballs causing teleporter exits to detonate
- Updated The Five-Month Shadow to fix a paint-related problem
- Updated The Merc's Mohawk so it can be equipped by all classes
- Updated the equip_region for the Exquisite Rack
- Updated beta map pl_cactuscanyon
- Redesigned the alternate window route over the choke point by stage 2 capture point 1
- Window overlooking second stage final capture point is now a doorway
- Removed stairs leading to back barn in stage 2 near final capture point
- Back alley behind water tank in stage 2 is now a 1-way drop down
- Added small health pack in the small room off the back stairwell flank near stage 1 capture point 2
- Fixed players building in spawn rooms
- Updated beta map rd_asteroid
- Mode changes
- Players must steal at least 25 points before they can leave the vault with the reactor core
- Updated power core pick up sound
- Updated robot death effects and sounds
- Updated HUD layout
- Map changes
- Layout has been adjusted with the overall goal of increasing players ability to participate in creating points for their team
- Added terrain path and cave entrance under mid bridge. Exit is located near the large row of windows. Cave contains a medium health pack
- Widened play space near cave exit leading into large row of windows
- Added small ammo pack to underwater flank that leads to enemy reactor vault
- Added small health kit to staging area before the interior battlements
- Reduced ammo pack near vault from full to medium
- Added alcove near front door staging area
- Robots have been rearranged
- A robots now circle the staircase near the front door
- B robots now roam the interior bridge above the water
- Enabled flashing lights when a team's power reactor has been stolen
- Fixed broken stair collision when exiting the water near the bridge. In some cases it would push players back into the water.
- Added player blocker to ledge above exterior battlements
- Widened glass tunnel flank doorway near C robots
- Increased attackers spawn time by 1 second