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Författare Ämne: Fix till gårdagens uppdatering släppt 29/6 2012  (läst 2946 gånger)


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Fix till gårdagens uppdatering släppt 29/6 2012
« Svar #1 skrivet: 2012 juni 29, 10:08:19 »
Valve har släppt en rejäl fix till gårdagens uppdatering.

Citat från: Eric @ Valve
Team Fortress 2
- Added sd_doomsday to the mapcycle files
- Fixed exploit that allowed Beggar's Bazooka to indefinitely hold rockets in the chamber without misfiring
- Fixed hatless hats not not-drawing correctly
- Fixed bugs with The Hitman's Heatmaker
   - Headshot kills now properly decapitate
   - Bodyshot damage penalty is properly applied
   - Fixed sound issues while in focus
- Fixed missing DX8 particle effects
- Fixed seeing through Sniper fences in 2Fort when using Pyrovision
- Fixed the second style for the Robot Chicken hat
- Teddy Roosebelt can now get assist credits
- Updated sd_doomsday:
   - Players can now fall into the launch pad after the rocket lifts off
   - Optimized some prop_dynamics to reduce server hitching
   - Engineers can no longer build teleporters behind the spawn
   - Players will no longer get pushed through the terrain if the elevator falls on them
   - Death pits now kill dead ringer Spies
   - Lowered the frequency of announcer lines