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Författare Ämne: Valve om Bonus systemet på TF2 servrar 28/7 2011  (läst 1594 gånger)


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Valve om Bonus systemet på TF2 servrar 28/7 2011
« Svar #1 skrivet: 2011 juli 28, 18:42:31 »
Valve har pillat lite till med hur högt som olika servrar hamnar i serverlistan beroende på speltyp och spelarens erfarenhet.
Förhoppningsvis så är det bra !

Citat från: Fletch @ Valve
An update earlier this week contained an adjustment to the scoring bonus we give to Valve servers for quickplay servers.  There is still a bonus when inexperienced players are searching.  However, the bonus decreases as they gain play hours, and it drops to zero at around 20 hours of play time.  (Don''t take the specific numbers too literally, all the details are subject to tweaking, of course.)

Our goals with these changes are:
* Ensure that new players have the "vanilla" TF2 experience.
* Integrate experienced players into the regular community, help them discover the diversity, and let them find the experience they want.

Your servers are competing with Valve servers on an equal footing for quickplay customers.  In fact, my guess --- although I don''t really have any data to back this up --- is that directing the noobs towards the Valve servers actually gives them a disadvantage.

Your humble servant,