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Visa inlägg - Robinasplind

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TeamFortress2 / Accidentall perm ban.
« skrivet: 2014 maj 28, 17:43:44 »
So basicly today i banned a guy named Ed (not sure what his steam ID is) But when i was going to ban him i accidentally made it permanent. i am currently new to these commands so if someone could fix this it would be really appreciated. As for the ban reason it was that he was changing his name slightly different to mine and at the end to Real RobinAsplind(swe)=[o.W.n]= and i was going to ban him for 1 hour. im sorry about my misstake. :-[

TeamFortress2 / Admin Application
« skrivet: 2014 april 26, 16:54:53 »
Hi my name is Robin last name is Asplind. I am a 16 year old boy living in sweden,gävle I play team fortress 2 alot and on the loyalgames server orange_x3 i want to become admin. The reason for me wanting to be admin is because sometimes the other admins are not on when i am and i see alot of kids spamming the mic or chat and on a few occasions ive seen a hacker or 2,and i allso want to be able to help players who might have a bit of trouble knowing the rules and such.Ive also seen alot of the admins in action for example toast and Mctophat so i know what to do and not. I have had previus admin experiences on Pbfortress and on Fortess of gamers orange_x3 that was shut down. I am on at most 6 to 9 hours per day 10 - 17 on weekends I allmost allways play on Loyalgames orange_x3 so you would probably see me on alot. I know that this app might seem short but I really suck at making applications and i cant really express myself. Thanks for taking your time reading this and have a nice day  :)

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