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Titel: TF2 uppdatering 27/6 2018
Skrivet av: Enemy1 skrivet 2018 juni 27, 09:45:19
Valve har uppdaterat TF2 med följande detaljer:

Citat från: john@valvesoftware.com
We've released a mandatory update for Team Fortress 2. The notes for the
update are below. The new version is 4586063.

- Added tournament/community medals for HLMixes, Hydro.tf, Ready Steady
Pan Season 4, and Blapature
- Tweaked Competitive Mode MMR calculations
  - MMR mobility increased somewhat across the board
  - Players who have high game counts relative to the rest of the player
base should see fewer adjustments of 1 or 0 MMR
- Updated pl_enclosure_final to fix a displacement hole in stage two
- Updated Test Run items such that the discount is not valid if the item
is already on sale in the Mann Co. Store
- Updated the models for The Frontier Djustice, The Rotation Sensation,
and the Elf Esteem to fix display problems with unusual effects
- Fixed some currencies not properly calculating the Test Run discount,
which prevented being able to purchase the item
- Updated the localization files