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Titel: dod_manche_b1 (ramelle remake)
Skrivet av: Enemy1 skrivet 2014 oktober 13, 22:04:41
Worrom (http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/member.php?u=406946) har släppt sin dod_ramelle kopia!

Citat från: Worrom
I finished the Beta version of this map almost a year ago and have neglected to post anything to the forums, but here it is! It took about 4 years of working on/off to finally get it to a release state.

The classic original Day of Defeat map dod_ramelle makes its return! It was one of my favorite maps at the time, so over the past few years (working on and off) I've decided to recreate it for Day of Defeat Source!

It's extremely faithful to the original, with a few exceptions for gameplay reasons, hope you enjoy it!

Download (http://url.dayofdefeat.se/dod_manche_b1.zip)

Video (http://url.dayofdefeat.se/pics/manche/dod_manche map for gmod.mp4)