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Författare Ämne: Days of War uppdatering 1/2 2017  (läst 2850 gånger)


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Days of War uppdatering 1/2 2017
« Svar #1 skrivet: 2017 februari 01, 17:08:01 »

This first patch fixes some high priority bugs and adds some highly requested features and fixes from our opening early access weekend.

•   Increased accuracy penalty to rifles while moving
•   Added FOV setting for guns
•   Added highlight to your own kills in kill log (adjustable in settings)
•   Adjusted minimap scale (minimap zoom and rotation coming soon)
•   Added camera bob option
•   Doubled size of smoke grenade plumes
•   Respawn delay now always 10 seconds
•   Reduced sight zoom on Supports
•   Increased shotgun spread

Bug fixes / Misc.
•   Fixed bullet collision issues on windows, railings, ladders, and other invisible areas
•   Added setting to turn off teammate overhead icons
•   Ammo and Health packs no longer fall under the floor
•   Fixed bug where smoke grenades weren’t visible on Omaha
•   Fixed bug where head shot effects were playing when they shouldn’t be

•   Boats no longer bounce around on the beach after landing
•   Collision fixes on beach and in bunkers on Omaha
•   Blocked long archway sightline on Kaysersberg