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Författare Ämne: Day of Infamy uppdatering 9/3 2017  (läst 1286 gånger)


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Day of Infamy uppdatering 9/3 2017
« Svar #1 skrivet: 2017 mars 09, 18:54:26 »
NewWorldInteractive har släppt en stor uppdatering i natt innehållande:

We are releasing an update today that adds a slew of new and updated content as well as fixes and balance changes. It includes a new co-op difficulty, new air support option, new voice over, new music, UI changes, updated ragdolls, and more. We are also announcing today Day of Infamy’s full release later this month on March 23rd. See here for the full announcement.

Full update changelist below:
New Content

    New challenging difficulty co-op playlist “Commando” featuring elite unit bots, limited fire support and minimal HUD elements.
    New group system on the main menu allowing players to invite Steam friends and join servers together.
    New Hawker Typhoon rocket strike air support option for the Commonwealth faction.
    New “Greased Bolt” attachment for all bolt action rifles allowing for faster cycling of the bolt between shots.
    New color grading profiles available in the game settings menu:
        Black and White
    Audio & Subtitles
        New footstep equipment layer that scales in volume according to your movement speed.
        Tinnitus ear ringing effect when caught inside the radius of an explosion.
        New voice for Wehrmacht faction. The previous Wehrmacht voice is still ingame as the voice of the elite units.
        Over 200 new VO lines added to each character.
        Closed caption support for gameplay related voice over: includes Wehrmacht English subtitles for Game Start, Round Start, Objective Status Updates, Radial Support Requests, Missing Officer, Low Reinforcements, Regroup Point conversations, and Station support.
        New music added to the main menu and kit menu.
    New executable icon for all platforms.

Updated Content

    Ragdolls will now react dynamically to the damage taken and animate appropriately.
    Fuel depot leaking particles will now occur at the point of origin of the bullet hole.
    Updated main menus
        New logo.
        New menu list with hover descriptions for each section.
        Inactive top-level menu buttons are now dimmed out.
        Updated visual style of the options menu.
        New oil painting styled loading screens for all maps.
    Updated ingame user interface
        New round and match summary screens with updated ranking progress bar.
        New weapon selection interface.
        Improved visibility of regroup point icon.
        Improved character lighting in the loadout screen.
        Improved compass indicators.
        Ranks & class icons now show when spectating a player.
        Objective icons now scale based on distance and fade out when looking directly at them.
        Updated objective dock styling including timer, wave count and objective letters.
        Updated weapon and equipment descriptions.
        Updated chat text font.
    User experience improvements
        Players can now vote to mute other players.
        You can now select a unit by double clicking on it.
        Steam friends will now show as cyan blue on the overhead map.

Visual Improvements

    Texture & shader updates for all characters.
    New hand models and textures for all skin types.
    Optimized and updated shaders on all rank and unit patches.
    New truck, car prop and haystack world models.
    New animated propellers on support aircraft
    New support aircraft models:
        Hawker Typhoon
        JU 52
        JU 58
        JU 87
        HE 88
    New M1919 machine gun model.
    Updated textures for the following weapons
        M1 Garand
        Browning HP
        M2 Flamethrower

Gameplay Improvements

    Major player clipping pass for all maps reducing instances where players would get caught on edges of objects and doorways.
    Improved the effect of bullet penetration, dealing more damage to targets behind weak cover.
    Flamethrowers will now cause suppression to anybody caught within the outer radius of the flames.
    Reduced speed of flamethrower class.
    Support options now have a global team cooldown by type.
    Added small amount of deviation to the bazooka rocket at long range.
    Fire support:
        Increased cooldown times for supply drop and HE Artillery.
        Carpet Bombing now has a separate timer, and its cooldown has been significantly increased.
    American rifle grenade will now detonate on impact instead of being fused balancing it with the Commonwealth and Wehrmacht factions.
    Performing a melee attack at close range will now cause suppression effects to the target (even if it doesn’t hit).
    Increased damage of bayonet uncharged stab to a two hit kill instead of a three hit kill.
    Increased the recoil of the BAR.
    Sidearms can now be dropped if the active weapon when killed.
    Perk changes:
        Removed flamethrower and support perks.
        Replaced machinegunner extra ammo perk with suppression resistance perk.
        Replaced engineer faster reload perk with extra weight perk.

Bug Fixes

    The game now properly purges all unused models during listen server transition reducing memory load.
    Intel entity should no longer ever fall beneath the map when a player carrying it dies while prone.
    Panzerschreck now has the correct ammo count compared to the bazooka.
    Deathcam should no longer clip into the world geometry.
    Flamethrower dynamic light menu setting now saves correctly.
    Restore the ability to set auto-dipod to be completely disabled.
    Firemode saving now works correctly for all weapons that have variable firemodes.
    Fixed t-posing when leaning and using the binoculars.
    Corrected shell counts for Wehrmacht pistols.

Coop Improvements

    Changed supply gain for the following modes.
        Stronghold & Raid – Earned supply is granted to the player after taking an objective.
        Entrenchment – Earned supply is granted to the player every two minutes.
    Removed difficulty CVARs:
        Bot combat effectiveness is now determined by the rank patch of the bot. This can be defined with doi_coop_bot_ranking (between 1-6).
        doi_bot_rank_combat_bonus changes the effectiveness of each rank patch.
        Removed per difficulty enemy spawning times, now all gamemodes use doi_coop_respawn_frac as a multiplier for spawn times. A higher multiplier means a longer time to spawn bots.
    Added VO for when bots flee due to morale loss and also for when they go back to retrieve reinforcements for a counter attack.

Map Balance & Fixes

        Adjusted A Offensive building to make it less camper friendly.
        Polished several areas of the map.
        Updated navmesh.
        Additional polishing throughout the map.
        Tweaked restricted zones.
        Updated soundscapes.
        Updated navmesh.
        Updated lighting and skybox.
        Updated art.
        Gameplay adjustments for the fortress area and Wehrmacht start spawn Offensive.
        Fixed several issues throughout the map.
        Updated navmesh.
    Dog Red
        Relocated B Offensive to make it a bit less easy to reach for Allies when A is captured.
        Fixed several small issues throughout the map.
        Updated navmesh.
        Added entrenchment.
        Added sabotage.
        Moved stronghold objective B (flak) to farmfield.
        Moved frontline objective B (street convoy) cover to the sides of the street.
        Replaced row of houses between farmfield and hayfield with a small forest.
        Replaced textures and props throughout the map with updated versions.
        Added additional cover in some areas that needed it.
        Tweaked blockzones.
        Updated navmesh.
        Additional art pass in several areas of the map.
        Moved A Offensive capture zone to ground floor.
        Several gameplay adjustments Near A Offensive.
        Fixed several issues throughout the map.
        Updated navmesh.
        Fixed several small issues throughout the map.
        Updated navmesh.
    Saint Lo
        Additional art pass.
        Small gameplay adjustments throughout the map.
        Updated cubemaps.
        Additional clipping pass.
        Updated navmesh.
        Gameplay adjustments for Frontline and Liberation.
        Added more cover to the middle.
        More cover for the allied objective in Liberation.
        Added additional route into Wehrmacht objective Frontline.
        Additional polishing.
        Fixed several small issues throughout the map.
        Updated navmesh.
        Minor polishing throughout the map.
        Added additional cover nodes for bots.
        Fixed several issues throughout the map.
        Updated navmesh.

Thanks, and enjoy!