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Författare Ämne: Day of Infamy uppdatering 24/11 2016  (läst 2924 gånger)


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Re: Day of Infamy uppdatering 24/11 2016
« Svar #2 skrivet: 2016 november 24, 19:39:04 »
Då det fanns några elaka buggar så har man släppt en ny uppdatering som byter ut felaktiga texturer mm

Servern håller på att uppdateras, men det går långsamt tyvärr...


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Day of Infamy uppdatering 24/11 2016
« Svar #1 skrivet: 2016 november 24, 09:19:15 »
En större uppdatering till DoI har släppts i natt innehållande nedanstående:

Autumn Update Now Live
23 november - Argyll   

We have released a substantial update to Day of Infamy today, including performance improvements, BattlEye anti-cheat, destructible walls for alternate map routes, lethal bayonet charging, improved character art, helmets that fly off, a new map in testing, and much more! Check out the full changelist below:

Performance Improvements

    Map Performance Pass

    Model Performance Pass
        All character models, improved LODs and bones collapsed in higher LODs.
        Third person weapons improved LODs.

New Content

    Added BattlEye anti-cheat.
    New map: Saint Lo - Inspired by DoD “Thunder” now available in the “in testing” playlist.
    New weapon: German “Splitterring Stielhandgranate”
    New weapon upgrades:
        American “White Phosphorous” bazooka round.
        M1 Garand grenade launcher.
    Suppression audio heartbeat effect heard when suppressed and under 40% health.
    Shootable Bells on the following maps:
    “Explosive planted” VO for TNT for all factions.
    1st person screen desaturation shader tied to low player health.
    Caps for German officers.

Updated Content

    Improved shading on character models using new SurfaceGGX shader.
    New Springfield & grenade launcher models.
    Bayonet option now added to all bolt action rifles regardless of class type.
    New lighting in the kit selection menu when shader detail is set to “high” or above.
    Particle tails now added to rifle grenades & launcher rounds.
    Added pilot light particles to flamethrowers.
    Improved TNT textures for all factions.

Gameplay Improvements

    Destructible walls allowing for new flanking routes added to all maps.
    Bayonets can now be charged for a guaranteed kill by holding the attack key.
    Helmets now have a percentage chance to be knocked off characters by headshots or nearby explosions.
    Reduce confusing battle sounds from soundscape ambiences.
    Rebalanced grenade launchers to use grenade damage values.

Bug Fixes

    White phosphorous impact grenades no longer bounce or roll after detonation.
    Fixed missing prop dynamic override on Bastogne.
    Fixed bots occasionally not being assigned their fuel tank when using flamethrowers.
    Fixed missing localization string for “Radial Request Artillery” in the keybinding menu.
    Fixed grenade launcher reload skipping.
    Fixed bad angular velocity impulses being applied to the Bazooka round.
    Fixed smoke grenade particle alignment.
    Fixed exit impacts for bullet penetration.

Cooperative Improvements

        New Counter Attack Mechanic:
            After capturing a point, an enemy will retreat to call in a counter attack. If he gets there safely, the enemy army will assault the captured position with intensity. Look for the swearing, sprinting soldier who holstered his weapon!
            During a counter attack artillery may be called against the players.
        Round timer changed from 20 minutes to 5 minutes, which will reset on each point captured. The final radio objective time has been reduced to 90 seconds so be quick to destroy it.
        Rare chance of elite, better equipped enemies spawning throughout the round.
        On the final radio objective, fire support will be called against the players and elite enemies will be defending.
        Elite, better equipped enemies will start appearing towards the end of the round.
        In Solo mode, any living ally will head to the regroup point to reinforce the team when it is unlocked, allowing the player to keep fighting.
        Easy difficulty changes:
            Allied bots will endlessly spawn in Stronghold.
            Enemy bots will take 2.5x longer to react.
        AI will try to avoid and repath around areas with death and gunfire.
        German Engineer bot now has a C96 Carbine.
        Allied bots are now 50% more accurate.
        Fixed a bug where flamethrower bots were burning to death on spawn.

Map Changes:

        Changed defender spawn location for Objective A in Offensive.
        Fixed church window clipping issue.
        Fixed numerous exploits and community identified flaws.
        Major art pass on all areas of the map.
        Minor layout adjustments to improve level flow and performance.
        Fixed player clip allowing players to get outside of the map bounds.
        Minor art pass on several areas of the map.
        Fixed stuck spots at front of entrenchments.
        Fixed several issue throughout the map.
        Minor performance improvements.
        Adjusted Salerno entrenchment mode to improve gameplay.
        Adjusted Salerno Offensive mode to make it more balanced.
        Fixed numerous exploits throughout the map.
        Adjusted several areas of the map to improve level flow.
        Updated soundscapes.
        Clipping pass to smooth out player movement.
        Minor layout adjustments to improve level flow and performance.
        Fixed small clipping issue near bakery.
        Fixed several small issues throughout the map.