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Författare Ämne: Mapvotes in SourceMod default build  (läst 2551 gånger)


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Mapvotes in SourceMod default build
« Svar #1 skrivet: 2007 oktober 03, 18:47:36 »
Just some news on plugin happenings!

We have finished our planned changes for the MapChooser plugin. By default, it will continue to arrive to you in the "disabled" plugins folder. To enable it, simply move it down into the "plugins" folder. Please report any bugs you find through the normal SourceMod bug tracker (Not my own personal project)

As an alternative to MapChooser, we have also added "Random Cycle." This plugin is also disabled by default, and its a simple alternative for the admin that doesn't want map voting or a static cycle. It will randomly pick maps from the cycle, and exclude the last x maps based on cvars.

Note that both plugins depend on the nextmap plugin!

Third, and also in the department of map management: RockTheVote has been added. Also disabled by default, this plugin allows players to start their own random map vote by saying "rtv" or "rockthevote". It also allows players to say "nominate" and choose maps to appear on the vote.

Fourth, but neither a map plugin nor disabled by default, is the "basecomm" plugin. This plugin contains the sm_gag and sm_mute commands, as well as their "un" varients. It also includes the convar sm_deadtalk, which has two modes. The first, by setting it to 1, will allow dead players to hear everyone on the server, including the opposing team. The second is a new option. When sm_deadtalk is set to 2, living players can hear their dead teammates.