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Författare Ämne: TF2 uppdatering 13 maj 2013  (läst 3241 gånger)


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TF2 uppdatering 13 maj 2013
« Svar #1 skrivet: 2013 maj 14, 10:13:35 »
Valve har jobbat på en fix på ett lagg problem och släpper nu en möjlig fix för detta men självfallet så är det även andra saker som uppdateras också!

Citat från: Fletcher @ Valve
I do have a theory about the cause of the CPU spikes.  I'll release a build with the next mandatory update (which will probably be this afternoon) that I think could address the problem.  But since we are not reproducing the problem here, this is just a theory, not disciplined engineering.

In order to conduct disciplined engineering, we need data from those who are able to reproduce it.  Judging by the amount of discussion this problem has generated and the relatively small amount of effort that is required in order to get the data to us,  I'm really surprised we haven't received more traces.

I have given out vtrace keys to every person who has asked for one.  So far we have received traces from exactly two (2) server operators.  One server operator had processor affinities set, the other was running a high number of instances per core, such that the average CPU utilization was high and there was no headroom for more than one process to spike.

Citat från: Eric @ Valve
We're working a mandatory update for Team Fortress 2. The dedicated server update is now available for you to download ahead of time. The client update will be released in about 30 minutes. The notes for the update are below.

The new version number after the update will be: 1756932



Team Fortress 2
- Added UGC Highlander Season 9 and UGC 6vs6 Season 11 medals
- Fixed the Botkiller Sniper Rifle, Rocket Launcher and Spy Knife weapons using incorrect team materials for the arms
- Fixed a bug that allowed level 3 mini-sentries in Mann Vs. Machine mode
- Fixed a problem where underwater explosions would cause graphics corruption
- Fixed an issue with HDR rendering where auto-exposure would vary incorrectly in some areas
- Fixed an issue where objects underwater would not render properly
- Fixed incorrect ellipsizing of text in some cases for the Mac version
- Updated the Phlogistinator to reduce the rate for gaining MMMPH when attacking tanks and robots in Mann Vs. Machine mode
- Updated the Tuxxy tuxedo so it can be crafted
- Updated The Wilson Weave and The Ham Shank so they can be crafted, traded and gift-wrapped
- Updated the console so it can be accessed from the terminal that was used to run the game for the Linux and Mac versions
- Updated the Linux version
   - Fixed triggers never registering as "released" on certain game controllers
   - Fixed clipboard issues on some window managers, most notably KDE
   - Fixed a bug where the map list would be reversed
   - Made loading custom fonts for third party HUDs work on certain fonts

Citat från: Fletcher @ Valve
I didn't get a chance to get this note added into the release notes:

Source engine:
* Added -insert_search_path command line argument.

This inserts a search path to the front of the list.  (Taking priority over the custom directories.)  It's intended to make it easier to run multiple instances from the same directory.  (No more need to symlink or copy files around.)


srcds -game tf -insert_search_path c:\ tf_server\instance01

You can use any valid local filesystem path or VPK filename.  Relative paths work just like the other paths in gameinfo.txt.  If you need to insert more than one, separate them by semicolons.

If you type "path" at the command line, you should be able to see the search paths in effect.

If anybody gives it a shot, I'd be interested to know how it works for you.