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Day of Infamy / Day of Infamy update 18/5 2017
« skrivet: 2017 maj 18, 19:34:31 »

Uppdatering till TF2 är släppt i natt 16/5 2017

Citat från: [email]Eric@valvesoftware.com[/email]
We've released a mandatory update for Team Fortress 2. The notes for the update are below. The new version number is 3963112.


- Added the Rainy Day Cosmetic Case and Rainy Day Cosmetic Key
   - New community cosmetics case with 19 items
- Added the Snack's Summery Ultiduo Siesta tournament medals
- Fixed the vote menu erroneously hiding itself when the main menu is opened
- Updated the localization files

Day of Infamy / Ny DoI map kommer: Rhineland 15/5 2017
« skrivet: 2017 maj 15, 20:46:01 »
New Map Preview: Rhineland

18 maj är den planerad att släppas!

In March 1945, Allied soldiers had pushed all the way through France to the German border. They crossed the Rhine river and surged into the German industrial heartland to fight for two more months until VE Day. This sets the stage for our newest map, Rhineland, created by JakHalz and placed second in our Gamebanana & Mapcore DOI Mapping Contest. American troops must sweep and clear tank factories being defended by hardliner troops.

Rhineland will be released in our upcoming Aussie Update on Thursday May 18th. We are livestreaming an update preview on our official Twitch channel on Sunday at 12pm EST. Check out some gameplay highlights from a Cooperative match of Stronghold, and in-game screenshots and photo spheres below! You can view more photo spheres on our official Sketchfab page.

Day of Infamy / Sourcemod & mmsource for day of infamy that works
« skrivet: 2017 maj 11, 17:10:36 »
These versions of sourcemod and mmsource works on day of infamy servers.

11 may 2017

Sourcemod: sourcemod-1.9.0-git6080-linux

MetamodSource: mmsource-1.11.0-git998-linux

We have had problem with sourcemod the last week after a update... sorry guys..

Day of Infamy / Doi Market garden & Arctic Fox på MP-servern
« skrivet: 2017 maj 06, 14:57:13 »
Gz Modtools bana Operation Market garden (Hells high way) tillsammans med Hans-Dieter-Karl-Heinz-Holgers bana Operation Arctic Fox finns nu på MP-servern i admin listan och i vote.

Market garden - I Nederländerna

Arctic Fox - Finska vinterkriget.

Valves Server Updates / Uppdatering till TF2 släppt 21/4 2017
« skrivet: 2017 april 21, 07:35:21 »
Valve har släppt en uppdatering till TF2 i natt innehållande:

Citat från: [email]Eric@valvesoftware.com[/email]
We've released a mandatory update for TF2. The notes for the update are below. The new version number is 3920631.

- Fixed an exploit where players could remain Übercharged beyond the normal time period
- Added The Audio File for the Team Fortress 2 Soundtrack promo
- Added the CappingTV Ultiduo Summer Brawl 2017 tournament medals
- Updated the description for the Short Circuit to match the current behavior

Valves Server Updates / TF2 uppdatering släppt 14/4 2017
« skrivet: 2017 april 14, 21:38:43 »
Valve släppte en uppdatering natten till idag innehållande följande:

Citat från: [email]Eric@valvesoftware.com[/email]
We've released a mandatory update for TF2. The notes for the update are below. The new version number is 3912376.

- Fixed a bug where players could see enemy health indefinitely when playing as Spy or Medic

- Fixed incorrect strings and HUD image for the Reflect powerup in Mannpower mode

- Added tournament medals and community medals

                - ETF2L 6v6 Season 24, Season 25 and Season 26; ETF2L Highlander Season 11 and Season 12; ETF2L Ultiduo 6; ETF2L Highlander Open Season 2; RGB LAN; Chapelaria 6v6 Season 2; Chapelaria Ultiduo Season 1; Mappers vs. Machines

Day of Infamy does justice to the classic WWII mod that inspired it

By Tyler Wilde 27mars 2017.
The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat are felt hard in this multiplayer WWII shooter.

Day of Infamy, a standalone WWII rework of modern combat game Insurgency, is worthy of the 'Day of' moniker—which in this case references Roosevelt's Pearl Harbor speech, but also tips its hat to the classic Half-Life mod and eventual standalone game Day of Defeat. It's what I probably imagined Day of Defeat would like in the future, back when I was staying up all night playing it in the early 2000s.

For a more modern comparison, because Day of Infamy does play differently than its DoD cousin, it's pulling me in like the launches of Red Orchestra 2 and Rising Storm did. It shares a lot with those games—friendly-fire and officers who can call in airstrikes, for instance—but with simpler weapons and tighter, blockier Source Engine maps, striking a balance between Red Orchestra’s ‘you can manually bolt your rifle’ authenticity and the action of classics like Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. It's nice to hear the ping of an M1 Garand again.

    I heard every clang as he trudged around the building looking for the holdout keeping the point secure.

At one point, hunched in the corner of a crumbling apartment with a bolt-action rifle, I listened as metallic footsteps approached and faded away and approached again. I didn't dare hit Tab to see who was alive, but suspected I may be among only two or three still-breathing teammates, while the others waited to spawn in a new wave of reinforcements—it gave me those late game Counter-Strike nerves, when you know your whole team is watching your last stand.

My stalker could have hit Alt to creep, silencing his footsteps, but I heard every clang as he trudged around the building looking for the holdout keeping the point secure. Then, a cloud of flames erupted through a doorway to my right. The flamethrower's burning tip appeared through the door first, the hunter followed and turned to his left where I was crouched in a kitchen, and I shot him in the chest. (Damn campers.)

Had I missed, I'd have been charcoal, and as it turned out, we would've lost. That level of pressure has been rare in Day of Infamy so far—I've played about five hours—as wins tend to be more decisive. But I did witness one match come down to a knife fight, and another end with half of a team hunting down just one guy from my side. Watching from the dead ranks, we cheered him on as he evaded like experienced prey, darting through buildings, doubling back, eventually falling to a burst of machinegun fire.

Above: Ultrawide support makes me happy.
Smoke and errors

Outside of those arena shooter-like standoffs, success in Day of Infamy is half planning, half execution. The most frustrating moments (outside of being blown up by a plane in my spawn) occur when I get the former part right, but flub the follow-through. I suspect a troop of reinforcements will jog down an alley to the right, for example, but I'm a second too late deploying my machinegun's tripod and what would've been four easy kills ends in waiting 25 seconds for another respawn wave.

But as ABC's Wide World of Sports reminds us, the thrill of victory must contrast with the agony of defeat. In my first properly good match, which put me in the upper third of the scoreboard, I found a perfect spot to cozy up with my machinegun sights, wasting the better part of two waves as they sprinted between buildings—even hitting some through smoke cover.

One minor detail unexpectedly boosts the thrill of Day of Infamy: you can't see your K/D ratio while alive. You aren't meant to know whether or not you just winged someone, or if spraying through clouds of dust and smoke had any effect, until you're between lives. If you can’t see a body—which is often, with how much smoke is used—the only way to know your target isn’t aiming back at you is to go look (or get shot). Several times I took a long shot with a bolt-action rifle, but had no idea if I hit the mark until I opened the scoreboard later while waiting to spawn. The delay only makes it more gratifying to learn that an unlikely shot was on target. The little number by your name is so tiny, even it can’t seem to believe that you ticked it up with that shot.

I only wish talking to my team were more fun so far. The built-in voice chat works well, but last night it was dominated by a few witless sacks of head cheese spewing racial slurs as they tried extremely hard to be seen as brave provocateur scamps. No one wanted to talk to the racist tryhards, so for the most part, no one else talked.

It’s possible I was just unlucky to end up in that group, and muting players mitigates the problem, but it was a disappointing first impression of the community. When I do find a team that’s communicating in a fun way, calling out enemy locations and coordinating attacks—which also happened, briefly—Day of Infamy can absorb hours just as well as Day of Defeat did back when I was in high school.

Members Servers / TheSwedes server uppdaterad & uppgraderad 3/4 2017
« skrivet: 2017 april 03, 21:13:59 »
I lördags så skulle maskinen uppgraderas med en SSD disk och nytt operativsystem.
Men tyvärr så vägrade servern starta efter att hårdvaran var monterad - några kondensatorer på moderkortet hade svällt & spruckit.
Idag har vi fått ihop de nya delarna och installerat färdigt.
Servern har nu sina 3 day of defeat:source servrar rullande och vi hoppas att vi nu klarar de kommande uppdateringarna från Valve software.

Days of War / DoW uppdatering 30/3 2017
« skrivet: 2017 mars 31, 15:09:17 »
DRIVEN ARTS har släppt en rejäl fix till DoW innehållande följande, och de förvarnar om en uppdatering kommande vecka som löser ett flertal större problem.

Hey Everyone,

It's been a couple weeks since our last update and we appreciate your ongoing patience in the Early Access period.

We've been a bit silent for a few reasons: we've been building the foundations of some new features that will take several months to develop, we've had some team members leaving their jobs to work full time on DoW, and we've been cleaning up a lot of the issues with the new weapon system, map exploits, etc.

This update largely focused on improving weapon sound spatialization and fixing a host of weapon system bugs, see detailed notes below.

In our April dev update next week we will detail progress made with our v2 animations, new maps, the rollout of the community map editor, fixing the server browser issues, the new voice command feature, and more.

We know that there have been some players out there who have been exploiting bugs consistently with the sole goal of ruining others experience. We have patched these exploits and banned the offenders and have also created a #report_cheaters_with_evidence channel in our discord to report griefers and cheaters.

Read on for full patch notes Patch Notes:

•   Added deathcam
•   Adjusted uniform colors and brightness for better enemy visibility (also made the Germans less green)

The pic above

•   Fully revamped 3p sounds (New 3p sounds for guns, sound occlusion to better judge distance and location of enemies, footsteps have not been reworked yet and will be next)

•   Added polish and art to Foy
•   Patched exploits that allowed players to get outside of the play area, into objects, get into "protected" boxes in the forest, etc.

•   Weapons can now be targeted when hip firing
•   Rifles no longer retarget automatically after firing if player is not holding target. Fixed bug where rifles did not untarget after firing
•   Fixed bug that allowed players to target rifle immediately after shooting
•   Fixed bug where quick switching could allow you to fire rifle faster than it normally cycles
•   Destroying objective now awards 1 obj point. Exploding objective now shows death message for anyone it kills
•   Jumping will now transition player out of crouch
•   We now play placeholder DefuseBomb sound cue when bomb is defused
•   Fixed issue where new weapon system did not implement user defined custom weapon mesh FOV
•   Fixed issue where thompson and garand did not use their respective brass eject particle emitters
•   Fixed issue where deployed MG could jump
•   Fixed bug where rifles would show bullet casing even when they did not cycle bolt on last shot
•   Fixed bug where cooked grenades were not dropped by players on death
•   Fixed issue where grenades could be picked up on overlap
•   Made fix to hide sniper rifle mesh and show scope overlay when spectating sniper in new weapon system
•   Added smoke back to shotgun classes lost during new weapon system refactor
•   Fixed bug where smoke grenades could detonate in hand and not consume itself.

Day of Infamy / En Fix till DoI är släppt 24/3 2017
« skrivet: 2017 mars 26, 10:25:10 »
New World Interactive har släppt en stor fix till DoI.

Day of Infamy Hotfix March 24th
24 mars - New World   
We are releasing a hotfix today to address some issues following our full release yesterday. The Steam inventory will now refresh properly after a unit has been unlocked, and should no longer require a restart to be usable.


    Fixed issue with players not being able to immediately use a Unit they’ve unlocked.
    Fixed player icons on the overhead map when in spectator.
    Fixed an issue where players in prone were not being pushed away from walls if they had a bipod deployed.
    Only show rifle grenade on the rifle when it is selected.
    Fixed Springfield rifle grenade missing a world model.
    Fixed a missing UI icon for the german general in the end round screen.
    Fixed pre-round movement in Entrenchment in solo mode.

Updated Content

    Updated uniforms for the 352. Infanterie-Division & 29th Panzergrenadier Division.
    Removed “But My K:D” tagline as it was being rewarded too often.
    Updated a number of VO lines for the African American voice.
    Removed Intel mode from practice mode temporarily until AI behavior is introduced.
    Various fixes & styling improvements for the Mods section
        Mod list no longer overflows when you are subscribed to a large number of mods.
        Fixed workshop publishing layouts.


    Updated & corrected SDK coop example scripts.

Map Balance & Fixes

        Removed first entrenchment point as it was too close to the enemy spawn.
        Added blockzones for entrenchment.
        Added blockzones for entrenchment.
        Fix Salerno Stronghold where the assassination target was unlocking at the same time as another objective.
        Added blockzones for entrenchment.
        Moved initial stronghold spawn further back from combat.
        Updated navmesh.
        Fixed a floating sandbag model.
        Fixed bad lighting on one of the building’s roof.
        Fixed a small displacement error.
        Fixed a nodraw on a displacement.

Thanks and enjoy!

Day of Infamy / DoI uppdatering 22/3 2017
« skrivet: 2017 mars 22, 22:01:20 »
NewWorldInteractive har släppt en stor uppdatering & fix till DoI.

We are releasing an update today that adds new music, updates to the UI, optimization, bug fixes, and more in preparation for full release tomorrow. The radial menu issues on Mac and Linux have been fixed, so thank you to those who gave us reports and specs of the issue.

Full update changelist below:
New Content

    New M1A1 Paratrooper Carbine.
    New music for the following:
        Counter-attacks in coop
        Beginning of the round for Attacking & Defending teams
        Last Man Standing
    Audio & Subtitles
        New VO for Intel game mode.
        Subtitled all remaining gameplay related dialogue and regroup point conversation VO.

Performance Improvements

    Fixed a common source of server choke which would cause the game to stutter during high network load.
    Bot optimization pass.

Updated Content

    Added additional maps to campaign specific coop playlists.
    Ammo supply crate will now detonate if hit with enemy explosives, artillery or air support.
    Final polish on the textures of all the character’s heads.
    Updated all win & loss music to the latest mix versions.
    Updated main menus
        Adjusted layout of main menu options.
        Restyled the mod menu.
        Updated party & chat icons.
        Added the following to the practice menu:
            Added bot quota slider for PVP based game modes.
            Added “lives” slider for coop based game modes, replacing the old bot possession mechanic.
            Added playlist ruleset selection for specific faction campaigns.
    Updated in-game user interface
        New icons for faction spawns and highlights for objectives on overhead map.
        Updated the kit menu to show all weapons & attachments as renders.
        Overall HUD polish.
        Updated magazine count & fire-mode selection HUD elements.
        Restyled the vote and vote process menus.
        Final polish on the scoreboard interface.
    User experience improvements
        First deployment playlist will now be replaced with casual with bots if the player is above rank “Private”.
        Add scrolling support for the kit menu to prevent items being off-screen when purchasing many pieces of equipment.
        Fade out the compass more when in ADS.
        Increase duration that end game tag-lines are displayed.
        Improved tagline mouse over descriptions.
        Add map voting to campaign specific coop playlists.
        Escape menu will now duck & filter game audio.
        Pressing the reload of fire-mode keys will now display the ammo count or fire-mode even without performing a reload or fire mode switch.

Gameplay Improvements

    You can bash with your weapon faster now.
    The StG-44, FG 42 & M1A1 Paratrooper Carbine variant are now restricted to maps where units that would have utilized those weapons are available. The weapons are available to all players, not just those who have unlocked these units.
    Increased lifetime of ammo crates from 2 minutes to 3 minutes.

Coop Improvements

    Counter attacks now occur a maximum of once per round, and are less frequent.
    Counter attacks last longer, and have a higher chance of enemy fire support.

Visual Improvements

    Added more variations of the blood splatter decals.
    Update to how ammo pouches are displayed on player models depending on their weapon loadout.
    Updated weapon models:
        View Models
        World Models
            M1A1 Paratrooper
            M1A1 Thompson
    Updated weapon textures:

Bug Fixes

    Radial menu for Mac and Linux will now function correctly.
    Possible fix for black screen on exit by making sure all panels are cleaned up properly.
    Properly prevent player camera clipping into the terrain on death.
    Increased the near Z camera value for scope render targets to counter Z-fighting problems.
    Fix for news items being cut off in aspect ratios wider than 16:9
    Fix issues with the kit menu not displaying correctly on ultra-wide aspect ratios.
    Fix a bug preventing the WP bazooka round from creating particles or sound.
    Fixed a crash related to the team menu.
    Fix quickplay system ignoring ruleset filters.
    Tutorial panel will now stop playing video when you navigate away from it.
    Fixed a bug where taglines would only display the first letter on Mac/OSX.
    Prevent “Map vote in..” dialogue showing when map voting is disabled.
    Fix a bug where helmet decals occasionally remained attached to players heads after death when they had lost their helmet.
    Fix certain player attachments not properly receiving the burned overlay on death.
    Fixed localization bug in news pop-up on the main menu.
    Fix for the Ithaca holding one extra round that it shouldn’t have.
    Fix missing rate of fire switch audio on the MG34.
    Changed water leaf optimization setting to improve water rendering performance.

Map Balance & Fixes

        Additional detail art pass.
        Fixed numerous issues throughout the map.
        Tweaked start spawn locations Offensive.
        Fixed numerous issues throughout the map.
        Fix bloom scale settings being removed on round start & restart.
    Dog Red
        Fix for players getting stuck under the tanks on the beach.
        Fix LCVP landing craft doors not opening smoothly in some cases.
        Added lit versions of some lighting props.
        Fixed a wallbang exploit involving the German radio objective.
        Closed several more windows on Hotel building.
        Removed inner window frames throughout the map to improve shooting through.
        Interior lighting polish pass.
        Additional detail art pass.
        Additional clipping pass.
        Tweaked restricted zone Frontline CW start spawn.
        Tweaked objective A & C Offensive to improve balance.
        Fixed numerous issues throughout the map.
        Art polish pass.
        Fixed numerous issues throughout the map.
    Saint Lo
        Interior art polish & detail pass.
        Updated soundscape placement pass.
        Fix for several clipping issues.
        Improved initial run up times for frontline.
        Balance changes for offensive.
        Additional detail art pass.
        Fixed numerous issues throughout the map.
        Additional art pass.
        Fix LCVP landing craft doors not opening smoothly in some cases.

Thanks, and eeenjoy! See you tomorrow for the release!

Day of Infamy / En stor uppdatering till DoI har släppts 17/3 2017
« skrivet: 2017 mars 18, 19:20:43 »
NewWorldInteractive har släppt en stor uppdatering till DoI


We are releasing an update today that adds a new tagline award system, new American voice over, new and updated UI elements, and more.

Mac users please be aware that while we have not yet resolved the issue with the traditional radial menu being broken, there are two other alternative radial modes available which should work fine. “Scrolling” and “Numbered” are both available in the Settings menu under “Radial Menu Control Style”. For mapmakers, please also be aware that in order to spawn in your map, you must add the allowed units in your map script. For an example of this, check our example map scripts located in sdk_content/maps/example.


Full update changelist below:
New Content

    New tagline system that awards players for completing in-game actions.
    New American voice for the 1st Ranger Battalion unit. This voice will also apply to other playable units in the future.

Updated Content

    Major art & lighting pass on Sicily.
    Invasion gamemode added to Foy, Crete & Ortona.
    Grenades in your kit will now show on third person models.
    Updated HUD compass needles for “backup” and “radio”.
    Updated sprint footstep equipment layer audio.
    Game audio is now ducked and filtered in the kit menu.
    Only show extended barrel and heat shield on Ithaca when a bayonet is attached.
    Updated menus
        New Coop & Multiplayer quick join menus.
            Updated server browser styling.
        New practice menu.
        Updated escape menu with party system.
        Updated main menu background.
        Updated player count and version information.
        Text chat added to the party system.
        Added support for up to 4 news Items in the main menu.
    Updated in-game user interface
        New Scoreboard.
        New Spectator UI.
        HUD elements will now fade when in ADS.
        Tweaked floating HUD letter colours for better readability.
        Added drop shadows for item names in the kit menu.
        Changed item description font in the kit menu.
    User experience improvements
        Users can now personally mute other players from the scoreboard.
        Supply is now shown as spent & total available in the kit menu and HUD.
    Audio & Subtitles
        Updated VO for the original American voice.
        New additional VO for US Army Station.
        Added English subtitles for US Army Station and Commonwealth Station.
        Added English subtitles for gameplay related voice over to British, Scottish, and Canadian units.

Visual Improvements

    Updated all unit UI renders.

    Updated all US face textures.
    New dead cows, destructible walls and rubble pile props.
    Updated textures for the following weapons:
        Bren Gun
        Lewis Gun

Gameplay Improvements

    Splintering grenade now causes suppression for an extended period.

Bug Fixes

    Carpet bomber bombs should no longer cause explosions in the sky.
    Fixed a bug in Offensive where regrouping could still occur with zero waves.
    Fixed inventory loadout presets not refreshing correctly.
    Fixed end of round stat accuracy showing as 0%.
    Fixed players not always hearing the same game start VO lines.
    Fixed German “No Officer” VO not being played when an officer is not present on the team.
    Tutorial videos should no longer continue playing when you navigate away from the tutorial page.
    Fixed issue with radial subtitles appearing twice when the radio version was also heard.
    Fixed issue with radio subtitles showing multiple captions if heard through more than one radio.

Map Balance & Fixes

        Fixed sabotage spawns.
        Extended Offensive capture zone A and B.
        Small adjustments to restricted zones.
        Additional art pass.
        Fixed several issues throughout the map.
        Auto exposure and HDR settings fixed.
        Additional art pass.
        Tweaked A Offensive spawns for both teams.
    Dog Red
        Flak position updated.
        Tweaked beach area left flank from CW.
        Remade stone building in the field as an animal shack.
        Closed some windows on Hotel and other buildings.
        Added more cover in areas that required it around the map.
        Added extra entrance into Hotel side building.
        Added dead cows.
        Fixed non solid door exploit in Hotel.
        Additional art pass.
        Tweaked corner building near Frontline A to make it less easy to lock down left flank.
        Tweaked Offensive A to improve balance.
        Moved Wehrmacht Offensive A spawn a bit further back.
        Fixed numerous issues throughout the map.
        Additional art pass.
        Updated Wehrmacht final spawn area.
        Fixed numerous issues throughout the map.
    Saint Lo
        Navmesh updated.
        Reworked soundscape placement.
        Fixed numerous issues throughout the map.
        Additional art pass.
        Tweaked Offensive C building to improve balance.
        Fixed numerous issues throughout the map.
        Major art pass.
        Adjusted restricted zone A Offensive CW to avoid spawn camping inside first row of buildings near beach.
        Fixed numerous issues throughout the map.

Thanks, and enjoy!

Day of Infamy / Ny DoI server som endast kör Coop banor
« skrivet: 2017 mars 11, 12:14:43 »
Vi har gjort om vår Cs-go server till en DoI Coop server.

TheSwedes Day Of Infamy Coop Server

Servern kör alla maps på söndagar.
Patrol-maps på måndagar & torsdagar.
Stronghold-maps på tisdagar & fredagar.
Entrenchment-maps på onsdagar & lördagar.

ortona patrol
reichswald patrol
bastogne patrol
comacchio patrol
nomad patrol
panzerschlacht patrol
pruefstand7 patrol
sicily patrol

bastogne stronghold
reichswald stronghold
ortona stronghold
comacchio stronghold
dog_red stronghold
sicily stronghold
lighthouse stronghold
pruefstand7 stronghold
panzerschlacht stronghold
nomad stronghold
westwall stronghold
husky stronghold
catacombs_v2 stronghold

comacchio entrenchment
reichswald entrenchment
ortona entrenchment
bastogne entrenchment
dog_red entrenchment
sicily entrenchment
panzerschlacht entrenchment
pruefstand7 entrenchment
nomad entrenchment
husky entrenchment
westwall entrenchment
lighthouse entrenchment

Day of Infamy / Day of Infamy uppdatering 9/3 2017
« skrivet: 2017 mars 09, 18:54:26 »
NewWorldInteractive har släppt en stor uppdatering i natt innehållande:

We are releasing an update today that adds a slew of new and updated content as well as fixes and balance changes. It includes a new co-op difficulty, new air support option, new voice over, new music, UI changes, updated ragdolls, and more. We are also announcing today Day of Infamy’s full release later this month on March 23rd. See here for the full announcement.

Full update changelist below:
New Content

    New challenging difficulty co-op playlist “Commando” featuring elite unit bots, limited fire support and minimal HUD elements.
    New group system on the main menu allowing players to invite Steam friends and join servers together.
    New Hawker Typhoon rocket strike air support option for the Commonwealth faction.
    New “Greased Bolt” attachment for all bolt action rifles allowing for faster cycling of the bolt between shots.
    New color grading profiles available in the game settings menu:
        Black and White
    Audio & Subtitles
        New footstep equipment layer that scales in volume according to your movement speed.
        Tinnitus ear ringing effect when caught inside the radius of an explosion.
        New voice for Wehrmacht faction. The previous Wehrmacht voice is still ingame as the voice of the elite units.
        Over 200 new VO lines added to each character.
        Closed caption support for gameplay related voice over: includes Wehrmacht English subtitles for Game Start, Round Start, Objective Status Updates, Radial Support Requests, Missing Officer, Low Reinforcements, Regroup Point conversations, and Station support.
        New music added to the main menu and kit menu.
    New executable icon for all platforms.

Updated Content

    Ragdolls will now react dynamically to the damage taken and animate appropriately.
    Fuel depot leaking particles will now occur at the point of origin of the bullet hole.
    Updated main menus
        New logo.
        New menu list with hover descriptions for each section.
        Inactive top-level menu buttons are now dimmed out.
        Updated visual style of the options menu.
        New oil painting styled loading screens for all maps.
    Updated ingame user interface
        New round and match summary screens with updated ranking progress bar.
        New weapon selection interface.
        Improved visibility of regroup point icon.
        Improved character lighting in the loadout screen.
        Improved compass indicators.
        Ranks & class icons now show when spectating a player.
        Objective icons now scale based on distance and fade out when looking directly at them.
        Updated objective dock styling including timer, wave count and objective letters.
        Updated weapon and equipment descriptions.
        Updated chat text font.
    User experience improvements
        Players can now vote to mute other players.
        You can now select a unit by double clicking on it.
        Steam friends will now show as cyan blue on the overhead map.

Visual Improvements

    Texture & shader updates for all characters.
    New hand models and textures for all skin types.
    Optimized and updated shaders on all rank and unit patches.
    New truck, car prop and haystack world models.
    New animated propellers on support aircraft
    New support aircraft models:
        Hawker Typhoon
        JU 52
        JU 58
        JU 87
        HE 88
    New M1919 machine gun model.
    Updated textures for the following weapons
        M1 Garand
        Browning HP
        M2 Flamethrower

Gameplay Improvements

    Major player clipping pass for all maps reducing instances where players would get caught on edges of objects and doorways.
    Improved the effect of bullet penetration, dealing more damage to targets behind weak cover.
    Flamethrowers will now cause suppression to anybody caught within the outer radius of the flames.
    Reduced speed of flamethrower class.
    Support options now have a global team cooldown by type.
    Added small amount of deviation to the bazooka rocket at long range.
    Fire support:
        Increased cooldown times for supply drop and HE Artillery.
        Carpet Bombing now has a separate timer, and its cooldown has been significantly increased.
    American rifle grenade will now detonate on impact instead of being fused balancing it with the Commonwealth and Wehrmacht factions.
    Performing a melee attack at close range will now cause suppression effects to the target (even if it doesn’t hit).
    Increased damage of bayonet uncharged stab to a two hit kill instead of a three hit kill.
    Increased the recoil of the BAR.
    Sidearms can now be dropped if the active weapon when killed.
    Perk changes:
        Removed flamethrower and support perks.
        Replaced machinegunner extra ammo perk with suppression resistance perk.
        Replaced engineer faster reload perk with extra weight perk.

Bug Fixes

    The game now properly purges all unused models during listen server transition reducing memory load.
    Intel entity should no longer ever fall beneath the map when a player carrying it dies while prone.
    Panzerschreck now has the correct ammo count compared to the bazooka.
    Deathcam should no longer clip into the world geometry.
    Flamethrower dynamic light menu setting now saves correctly.
    Restore the ability to set auto-dipod to be completely disabled.
    Firemode saving now works correctly for all weapons that have variable firemodes.
    Fixed t-posing when leaning and using the binoculars.
    Corrected shell counts for Wehrmacht pistols.

Coop Improvements

    Changed supply gain for the following modes.
        Stronghold & Raid – Earned supply is granted to the player after taking an objective.
        Entrenchment – Earned supply is granted to the player every two minutes.
    Removed difficulty CVARs:
        Bot combat effectiveness is now determined by the rank patch of the bot. This can be defined with doi_coop_bot_ranking (between 1-6).
        doi_bot_rank_combat_bonus changes the effectiveness of each rank patch.
        Removed per difficulty enemy spawning times, now all gamemodes use doi_coop_respawn_frac as a multiplier for spawn times. A higher multiplier means a longer time to spawn bots.
    Added VO for when bots flee due to morale loss and also for when they go back to retrieve reinforcements for a counter attack.

Map Balance & Fixes

        Adjusted A Offensive building to make it less camper friendly.
        Polished several areas of the map.
        Updated navmesh.
        Additional polishing throughout the map.
        Tweaked restricted zones.
        Updated soundscapes.
        Updated navmesh.
        Updated lighting and skybox.
        Updated art.
        Gameplay adjustments for the fortress area and Wehrmacht start spawn Offensive.
        Fixed several issues throughout the map.
        Updated navmesh.
    Dog Red
        Relocated B Offensive to make it a bit less easy to reach for Allies when A is captured.
        Fixed several small issues throughout the map.
        Updated navmesh.
        Added entrenchment.
        Added sabotage.
        Moved stronghold objective B (flak) to farmfield.
        Moved frontline objective B (street convoy) cover to the sides of the street.
        Replaced row of houses between farmfield and hayfield with a small forest.
        Replaced textures and props throughout the map with updated versions.
        Added additional cover in some areas that needed it.
        Tweaked blockzones.
        Updated navmesh.
        Additional art pass in several areas of the map.
        Moved A Offensive capture zone to ground floor.
        Several gameplay adjustments Near A Offensive.
        Fixed several issues throughout the map.
        Updated navmesh.
        Fixed several small issues throughout the map.
        Updated navmesh.
    Saint Lo
        Additional art pass.
        Small gameplay adjustments throughout the map.
        Updated cubemaps.
        Additional clipping pass.
        Updated navmesh.
        Gameplay adjustments for Frontline and Liberation.
        Added more cover to the middle.
        More cover for the allied objective in Liberation.
        Added additional route into Wehrmacht objective Frontline.
        Additional polishing.
        Fixed several small issues throughout the map.
        Updated navmesh.
        Minor polishing throughout the map.
        Added additional cover nodes for bots.
        Fixed several issues throughout the map.
        Updated navmesh.

Thanks, and enjoy!

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