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Författare Ämne: Kommande TF2 uppdatering som inte fungerar på våra serverar 22/2 2017  (läst 2536 gånger)


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Kommande TF2 uppdatering som inte fungerar på våra serverar 22/2 2017
« Svar #1 skrivet: 2017 februari 22, 07:05:39 »
Valve har varnat om en kommande stor uppdatering som ändrar deras motor till en nyare version av mjukvara.
Våra maskiners OS är då inte kompatibla utan vi kommer att behöva ominstallera alla.

Självfallet så hoppas vi vara uppgraderade när uppdateringen kommer - men vi vet inte när.

Hey everyone,

Following up on the warning email we sent a long while back, we're
making good on our promise and changing our build toolchains for the
TF2+SDK2013 games' dedicated server.  TF2 is being updated first, with
the other SDK2013 games to follow.

There are two things that may affect server administrators that you
should be aware of:

*The Linux dedicated server now targets the Steam Runtime*

The Steam Runtime is a common runtime target based on Ubuntu.  For
srcds, this largely means linking against a more recent glibc than may
be available in some server distributions.  Administrators should check
that the provided beta still runs in their environment of choice.  Those
who are on older or incompatible distributions have several options:

- Switch to a distribution more compatible with the Steam Runtime, such
as Ubuntu LTS

- Make use of a chroot/container/VM environment to run srcds.  The tools
linked below include a script for creating a chroot that can be used for
bootstrapping Steam Runtime environments.

- Use the Steam Runtime tools linked below combined with some dynamic
linker magic to use the runtime libraries on an incompatible
distribution, e.g.:

    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="bin:$steamrt/usr/lib32"
    "$LD" ./srcds_linux "$@"

More information about the Steam Runtime and utilities for obtaining it
can be found here: https://github.com/ValveSoftware/steam-runtime


*The compiler toolchain used for all editions of srcds has changed*

Along with the client builds, all server builds have been updated to a
newer compiler.  Windows builds now use the MSVC2015 tools, while Linux
builds now use a newer edition of GCC with differing command-line
parameters that affect codegen.

This is expected to break mods that expect certain ABI behaviors or look
for certain signatures in order to hook functions (such as SourceMod).
We have separately spoken with the SourceMod team and they are working
on supporting the new setup.  Maintainers of other mods should test them
against the beta release below.

Our previous warning also indicated that this would change the _srv
naming of the linux binaries.  We have decided *not* to adjust this, and
the separate _srv build and naming remains unchanged.


We've made a beta branch available for TF2 with these new changes.  The
remaining SDK2013 games will be updated in the near future, and we will
provide a beta for them at that time.

The beta is compatible with the current TF2 public release - servers may
safely convert to it and continue serving both beta and non-beta clients.

The beta branch is titled "toolchainbeta" with no required password.  It
can be accessed with SteamCMD via:

    app_update 232250 -beta toolchainbeta

These changes may be promoted to an official release of TF2 as soon as
next week, so we encourage all server administrators to test their setup
against the beta before then.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns

- John