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Titel: Teamfortress 2 uppdatering 27/4 2018
Skrivet av: Enemy1 skrivet 2018 april 27, 07:33:10
Valve har släppt en fix som löser en hel del problem i natt.

Citat från: Eric@valvesoftware.com
We're working on a mandatory update for Team Fortress 2. The notes for the update are below. We should have it ready soon.

- Fixed players not being able to push the payload cart on some maps
- Fixed a client crash related to the main menu
- Fixed a client crash when exiting the game
- Fixed not being able to pickup item_bonuspack entities that have not been assigned to a specific team
- Added self-damage when using the Short Circuit's orb to attack an enemy at close range
- Added the new Pyro weapons to the list of weapons that can be found via random drops
- Added The Heartfelt Hero medal for the Hugs.tf 2018 community event
- Updated ctf_foundry
   - Organized powerup locations to be more consistent with other maps
   - Removed the crit powerup in the center of the map
   - Fixed the return times for dropped flags

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