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Valves Server Updates / TF2 uppdatering 27/6 2018
« Senaste inlägg av Enemy1 skrivet 2018 juni 27, 09:45:19 »
Valve har uppdaterat TF2 med följande detaljer:

Citat från: [email]john@valvesoftware.com[/email]
We've released a mandatory update for Team Fortress 2. The notes for the
update are below. The new version is 4586063.

- Added tournament/community medals for HLMixes, Hydro.tf, Ready Steady
Pan Season 4, and Blapature
- Tweaked Competitive Mode MMR calculations
  - MMR mobility increased somewhat across the board
  - Players who have high game counts relative to the rest of the player
base should see fewer adjustments of 1 or 0 MMR
- Updated pl_enclosure_final to fix a displacement hole in stage two
- Updated Test Run items such that the discount is not valid if the item
is already on sale in the Mann Co. Store
- Updated the models for The Frontier Djustice, The Rotation Sensation,
and the Elf Esteem to fix display problems with unusual effects
- Fixed some currencies not properly calculating the Test Run discount,
which prevented being able to purchase the item
- Updated the localization files
Valves Server Updates / Re: TF2 uppdatering 18/5 2018
« Senaste inlägg av Enemy1 skrivet 2018 maj 18, 21:40:15 »
Team Fortress 2 Update Released

May 17, 2018 - TF2 Team

An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:
-Fixed a server crash related to Flamethrower particles
-Fixed a client crash related to matchmaking parties
-Fixed a client crash related to the ConVar tf_flamethrower_boxsize
-Fixed a memory leak in the main menu
-Fixed some languages having missing characters in the ConTracker menu
-Fixed the voicemenu command being used to lag servers
-Fixed a rendering issue with Unusual effects for the Antarctic Eyewear
-Fixed some War Paint weapons not being valid trade-up items for the Civilian Stat Clock
-Fixed an animation bug related to the Thermal Thruster and changing class while holstering it
-Fixed matchmaking players being able to sit at the MOTD so they can't be kicked by players in the match. They will now show in the scoreboard on their assigned team and will be valid vote-kick targets by members of their team.
-Updated the Autobalance system to skip asking/waiting for volunteers. Instead, it will go straight to switching candidates to balance the teams.
-Updated model/materials for the Valhalla Helm to fix some clipping issues
-Updated the localization files
-Updated pl_enclosure_final
  -Fixed players being able to get stuck in closing dropdown door in stage 3
  -Fixed missing team filter for small resupply room in stage 3
  -Removed unnecessary env_wind entity messing with env_dustmote entities
  -Fixed players being able to get stuck in closing dropdown door in stage 3
  -Fixed missing team filter for small resupply room in stage 3
  -Removed unnecessary env_wind entity messing with env_dustmote entities
Valves Server Updates / TF2 uppdatering 18/5 2018
« Senaste inlägg av Enemy1 skrivet 2018 maj 18, 19:40:06 »
Valve har släppt en uppdatering i dag.

Det finns tyvärr ingen info om den som jag har tillgång till då det inte skickats ut något mail som de vanligtvis gör. Dessutom så kom denna uppdatering efter 06.10 idag då de kör en autouppdatering då och inget laddades ner.
TeamFortress2 / TF2 Admin application
« Senaste inlägg av Mario skrivet 2018 maj 18, 11:55:42 »
We are currently looking for new TF2 Admins, and will be taking applications until the 1st of July.
Everyone is welcome to apply and every application is appreciated. Follow the steps below in order to make an application.

1. Register an account at www.loyalgames.se, if you don't already have one.

2. Once your account has been approved, respond to the following questions in detail:
•    Nickname.
•    Age.
•    SteamID/SteamID3/SteamID64 (Community ID).
•    Total playtime in TF2.
•    Total playtime and weekly activity on Loyalgames servers.
•    The reason you want to become an admin.
•    What makes you suitable to be a Loyalgames admin.
•    If you have any previous experience in administrating servers.
•    1-5 References, such as fellow Loyalgames players and/or admins that may know about you, that we may contact.
•    Some general info about yourself as a person.

3. Send your application as a message on loyalgames.se to Mario and Enemy1, you may also send a copy to either Mute, Drako or Paws.

We will announce the new admin during the summer. If you have any questions regarding your application, please contact any of the admins above.
TeamFortress2 / Re: LoyalGames #1, #2, #3 downtime 4-6 May 2018
« Senaste inlägg av Paws skrivet 2018 maj 07, 20:34:28 »
I don't understand much of this but i do sincerely appreciate the time and effort you put down on this. :)
TeamFortress2 / Re: LoyalGames #1, #2, #3 downtime 4-6 May 2018
« Senaste inlägg av Mute skrivet 2018 maj 07, 20:31:06 »
Thanks for fixing it :)
TeamFortress2 / LoyalGames #1, #2, #3 downtime 4-6 May 2018
« Senaste inlägg av Enemy1 skrivet 2018 maj 07, 20:12:37 »
This time a restart of a server-machine didn't go as it should.

The reason for the restart was long uptime and we did this for 2 boxes.

This was done during desktop work around 10 and when it didn't had woken up an hour later we went down and made a manual restart, waited, logged in and checked if it pinged out and it did.
Up again we still couldn't connect and it didn't respond in any way and now we couldn't get down until 15 for a real try to get it going with network-cards and after different approaches we took the hard decision to cut the power and go home.

On Saturday we went in for a reinstall of the box and that was done in 2 hours and I went home for the final touch from home.
But now the game-servers refused to start with weird errors and we took the call to make a reinstall on Sunday with an older version of the same OS.

On Sunday it went faster thanks to the last days work, but it stopped at the same errors as the day before.
But thanks to changes in the debug-logs we could nail them one by one with errors in Valves code and many new dependencies.

The risk is that an update may replace the altered files and that we will have to do those again.

But now everything is running as it should!
Valves Server Updates / Teamfortress 2 uppdatering 27/4 2018
« Senaste inlägg av Enemy1 skrivet 2018 april 27, 07:33:10 »
Valve har släppt en fix som löser en hel del problem i natt.

Citat från: [email]Eric@valvesoftware.com[/email]
We're working on a mandatory update for Team Fortress 2. The notes for the update are below. We should have it ready soon.

- Fixed players not being able to push the payload cart on some maps
- Fixed a client crash related to the main menu
- Fixed a client crash when exiting the game
- Fixed not being able to pickup item_bonuspack entities that have not been assigned to a specific team
- Added self-damage when using the Short Circuit's orb to attack an enemy at close range
- Added the new Pyro weapons to the list of weapons that can be found via random drops
- Added The Heartfelt Hero medal for the Hugs.tf 2018 community event
- Updated ctf_foundry
   - Organized powerup locations to be more consistent with other maps
   - Removed the crit powerup in the center of the map
   - Fixed the return times for dropped flags

Våra 6 TF2-servrar är uppdaterade!
TeamFortress2 / TF2 uppdatering släppt i natt 13/4 2017
« Senaste inlägg av Enemy1 skrivet 2018 april 13, 17:48:41 »
Valve har släppt följande uppdatering till TF2 i natt:

Citat från: [email]Eric@valvesoftware.com[/email]
We're released a mandatory update for Team Fortress 2. The notes for the update are below. The new version number is 4462894.


Matchmaking Changes

- The initial load time into a match no longer counts against a player's abandon timer

- Changed the timeout before a missing player is marked as having abandoned a competitive match to be three minutes from the first time a player disconnects from the server, rather than from the moment the match is formed

- Queue times should now be significantly faster when dealing with large numbers of placement and recently-placed players in queue

- Moved the Competitive MMR change notification so it no longer overlaps your rank

- Fixed continuing to receive the prompt to rejoin a match after you have been dropped from said match

- Fixed a case where players would receive a rank change in matches that dissolved due to abandon


- Added a stomp animation to Pyro that plays when coming down after blasting off from the Thermal Thruster

- Added HLPugs.tf tournament medals

- Added Gette it Onne! tournament medals

- Added TFCL tournament medals

- Added Copenhagen Games tournament medals

- Fixed Medics having an accelerated Übercharge build-rate when healing full-health Snipers who are using The Razorback

- Fixed being able to capture control points during setup time

- Fixed the Golden Wrench not having an offset when using minimized viewmodels

- Fixed the Private Maggot Muncher hiding the Soldier's hat when equipped

- Fixed the Medic's auto-call feature not including enemy Spies disguised as the Medic's team

- Fixed The Lugermorph not displaying when inspected in the backpack

- Fixed unusual effects on the Brass Bucket rendering in the wrong spot

- Fixed Mann vs. Machine late-join failing for parties of two or more

- Fixed the Short Circuit orb not changing particle color after being deflected

- Fixed the Short Circuit orb not being able to destroy rockets/grenades during the first 0.25 seconds of their lifetime

- Updated models and materials for the Private Maggot Muncher

- Updated the localization files
TeamFortress2 / Re: Hlstatsx:ce är igång igen 10/4 2018
« Senaste inlägg av Mario skrivet 2018 april 10, 17:13:46 »
Härligt! Jag såg nu att hjälp-tråden blev besvarad på alliedmods forum. Snyggt :)
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